Qualities of a Good Stock Take App

There are hundreds of stock taking apps and sometimes choosing one can be a tough decision, primarily for startups and entrepreneurs who are still learning what technology is capable of achieving. Before selecting a stock take app, it is vital for business owners to list the problems they expect the app to solve. This checklist will guide you on choosing the best and most suitable Singapore stock take apps to invest in.

Reduces costs and improves cash flow

Most startups close in the first year due to cash flow problems. Often, the assumption is that the sales are not adequate to meet the operating costs. However, some companies stock items that do not sell quickly. They have plenty of stock that is not bringing in revenue. A stock take app will have records of which products are profitable and those that are not.

These records will guide business owners to make decisions on how to handle stock that is not productive. Some companies choose to sell them at reduced prices to get revenue to restock the viable products. The stock take app chosen should give real-time stock updates. This saves the company money that would have been paid to extra personnel to help in stock taking. It also improves cash flow since decisions on the best products to invest in are made earlier.

Helps in forecasting demand

Stock take apps are meant to give entrepreneurs an idea of what their clients want and how to meet that demand. One of the challenges companies face is the disconnect between what the business owners consider marketable and what the clients want. Stock take apps give a vivid impression of the demand and allow businesses to project the direction the company should take to meet this demand and make a profit.

Allows easy analysis on any device

A good stock take app can be accessed from multiple devices. This will help in the monitoring of the business from any location. This is an essential feature for entrepreneurs who travel a lot and rely on others to run their businesses. Access from various devices also helps business owners to make critical business decisions, especially urgent ones since all stock levels can be seen to make informed decisions. It is also necessary to find out if the app can function offline or if users need an internet connection for access.

Keep track of stock in real-time

This is a significant factor as it affects the ability of business owners to monitor the running of their businesses at any given time, and from anywhere. You can tell which products are in high demand and then plan on restocking on those as soon as you can. You can also identify the products that either need to be marketed more or need to be removed, especially if the return on investment is low. Having a stock take app also important in guiding the marketing and sales team of your company.


Although the cost of investing in a stock take app affects the decision for many companies, the benefits and features available are equally important. It is critical for business owners to understand the specific needs of their businesses before deciding on which stock take app to purchase.