Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In a competitive and business-oriented country like Singapore, special attention is paid to industries and the way business processes work. Efficiency and revenue generation are told priorities and any innovation or idea to grow in this area is readily adopted and test driven in live companies and business situations. Companies find that there is always a need to better, and to improve efficiency.

Why Adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software that integrates both the ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the CRM software (Customer Relationship Management). This has changed the game in which business management works. ERP and CRM are both huge applications on their own and they profited the companies they were previously incorporated into, to a huge extent. They individually streamline processing and create a Dynamics 365 platform for more visible and comprehensive workflow. However, there was a drawback, for the work that each application provides with, still needs some link between them for creating more visibility and efficiency.

What It Can Do

This is where the Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in. Created by the Microsoft Corporation and released in the April of 2018, it has been famously adopted by the business community and the sales are still going. Following are some of the capabilities that the software offers:

  • It creates a visible link between all the accounts, finance, inventory and customers that gives the user a comprehensive end to end information about the processes of business in real-time.
  • A never-before-seen speed in terms of the finances such as payables and receivables, while at the same time compliance is being perceived.
  • It creates graphs and charts with financial information in a user-friendly manner. It even advises how a certain task can be improved.
  • It gives a clear insight about the inventory such as which products need to be restocked and purchased (without making redundant buying). And even suggests with an alternate if a certain product is unavailable.
  • By keeping all records of the previous profit generation, it suggests and prioritizes the sales leads.
  • It helps the user attain a comprehensive look on the sales made and how to better those tasks that did not keep up to the appointed level, the previous time.
  • The application creates time sheets to keep a lookout on the customer sales and helps the user keep the sales, and purchases under budget.
  • The software keeps and creates invoices for any purchase made.
  • When a project is underway, it keeps a check on how it can be further improved and how the profit can still be improved.
  • The operations are very improved. Every sale made is analyzed for further improvement and suggestions are made to better customer relationship.

These are some of the key points that the incorporation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will do, if adopted into a business set up. It is clear from the discussion that it further streamlines processes and improves efficiency.