Top Emerging Trends in Enterprise Resource Planning

Today, many businesses have turned to using software to automate many aspects of their business. One such software is Enterprise Resource Planning, or known as ERP in short. However, how do you know what should be automated in your business? In this article, we will discuss more on what are the recent trends in ERP technologies and what is relevant for your kind of business.

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Next, we will discuss about the recent trends in ERP technologies.

1. Higher demand forĀ ERP software on the cloud

Today, many organizations prefer that an ERP system should be delivered via the Cloud. This is because giving an ERP on the Cloud offers a host of benefits to the companies including saving storage solace and no risk of precious business data getting lost.

2. Mobile ERP

The immense popularity of mobile devices has led to many organizations willing to invest in those ERP solutions that can be easily accessed from different types of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

3. Focus is now more to get profit from the installed ERP

The success of ERP, in General, is hardly debatable these days. But gone are the days when many businesses just implemented them blindly. Companies today have become extremely conscious about their Return on Investment from it.

4. Large companies are acquiring smaller businesses

There has been an increasing trend on bigger companies acquiring or merging with the smaller startup businesses. While there are several new players operating in the market, the big players are becoming more prominent.

5. Integration architecture is better

As the number of specialized ERP software has increased, there has been a shift in the focus of ERP consultants towards offering superior integration architecture to get more competent ERP systems.

6. ERP with specialized business intelligence is in demand

An increasing number of organizations want to focus on making more advanced forecasting and predictions by deploying an ERP system that features specialized business intelligence by doing so, there can be marked improvement in the decision-making processes, especially when the right ERP solution is in place.

7. Tiered ERP systems are emerging in a big way

Bigger companies have been focusing towards creating 2-tiered Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. While the lower tier is supposed to work for the various subsidiaries, the top tier is meant to work for a company’s headquarter.

8. Customer Relationship Management is getting greater prominence

Due to the high level of recession, a number of consumer-based businesses have demonstrated dismal performances. This has also led to the realization of these businesses how important their customer data is. Thus, a majority of purchases for the ERP systems have been a Customer Relationship Management solution. You may read more here:

In conclusion, knowing about ERP trends is essential if you want to find out what is best for your company and what it needs. Whether you are looking for something industry specific or operations specific, it is good to read up first to find out about your company’s requirements.