Innovative trends in ICT

What is ICT?

ICT is the abbreviation for Information and Communications Technology – the information technology that stresses on combination of communication software with middleware and enterprise software that enable users to store data and also access and transmit it as ease. With such open access, users can also manipulate data as per their choice. The convergence between audio-visual and telephone networks with computer networks is referred to as ICT. The concept of ICT is constantly evolving with new technological interventions. The phrase Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has been used by academic scholars since the 1980s.

Trends in ICT:

The ICT sector has seen relentless change ever since its inceptions and it infrastructure services have evolved as well to benefit consumers . Companies who deal in ICT are constantly facing the challenge to innovative to not only understand the change but also to give shape to evolving technologies. Many tech companies come up with a disruptive intervention in the technological sphere setting a whole new trend in the market.

Currently there are five technological trends that are shaping the ICT sector. These trends are creating new value for the customers as well as the industry. The trend are:

Cloud Computing: using smart technology like robots and autonomous machines is one the evolving foundations of the Networked Society that is all about spreading intelligence through cloud. Artificial intelligence, especially big data analytics, knowledge management and machine learning is helping a lot of progress in smart machines. Storing, computing and connecting systems are being shifted to a cloud platform that further enhances collaborations through robots and sensors.

Self-managed devices: evolving technology causes sensory data to merge with artificial intelligence techniques, this makes a large number of sensors to be merged and processed that in turn causes a system to have a higher-level view. It causes more accurate interactions. By combining a multitude of data from different sensors, a baseline for intelligent processing is created.

An enhanced communication experience beyond sound and sight: with the internet evolving, communication is going to evolve in leaps and bounds and it infrastructure services vastly improved. There shall be more interactions between human beings and machines in the coming years. Very soon 3D selfies shall be in vogue.

Reshaping of fundamental technologies: the fundamental technologies are being reshaped and revamped to evolve in a manner that gives a new dynamics to the technological world.

Internet of Things and data privacy: with large number of data being saved online, cybersecurity and data privacy is the need of the hour. But in ICT actual security controls, security analytics, and an adaptive security posture shall look into data protection.

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